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Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in San Antonio, TX

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At your dental checkup, we’ll perform an oral cancer screening to ensure that you don’t have any tissue abnormalities that may indicate cancer. We use high-tech OralID technology to examine your smile and ensure that your smile is cancer-free. Are you overdue for your routine checkup? Please contact us to schedule your appointment!

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The Importance of Preventive Checkups

In addition to biannual cleanings, we also perform dental exams which include an OralID cancer screening. This allows us a chance to spot any abnormalities and catch cancer early on. Preventive appointments are one of the best ways to ensure that your oral and overall health is in tip-top shape.

OralID Cancer Screenings

Traditional oral cancer screenings required messy dyes and rinses. Thanks to advancements in the dental field, we now use OralID laser fluorescence technology to detect abnormal regions or tissues inside the mouth that may be cancerous or pre-cancerous. Our handheld OralID blue light allows us to quickly and effectively examine our patients’ oral cavities.

Oral Cancer Screening FAQs

Who is at risk for oral cancer?

It varies on a case-by-case basis. However, there are some factors that may increase the risk of developing oral cancer, including:

  • Age
  • Heavy Alcohol Consumption
  • Poor Oral Hygiene
  • Prolonged Sun Exposure
  • Tobacco Use
  • Weakened Immune System

What are some signs of oral cancer?

It’s important to note that our team does not diagnose or treat cancer. If you are currently experiencing any of the following symptoms, please consult with your doctor for further examination and testing. According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, some mouth cancer symptoms include:

  • Difficulty Moving Jaw & Swallowing
  • Jaw Swelling
  • Lump in Cheek or Throat
  • Persistent Mouth Sores
  • Voice Changes

How often should I have an oral cancer screening?

We recommend getting an oral cancer screening at least once a year. If you have any questions about oral cancer screenings, please contact our office for more information. We’d be happy to speak with you!

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