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Which Is Better: Manual Toothbrush vs. Electric Toothbrush?

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Many patients wonder if a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush is better. In general, it depends. While both have their pros and cons, the most important factors in the decision are your personal preference and lifestyle. To help you decide between the two, we’ve put together this quiz.

What Is Your Budget?

A manual toothbrush is extremely affordable, and effective when used correctly. At your local grocery store or drugstore, you can expect to pay less than a few dollars per toothbrush. Even after replacing it every three to four months, and after you’ve been sick, the yearly cost of a manual toothbrush is low. And for a frequent traveler, a manual toothbrush is lightweight and affordable to replace if you accidentally lose or forget it.

On the other hand, a decent rechargeable electric toothbrush and its accompanying charger can cost about $50 initially. And the latest high-tech options with Bluetooth connectivity sell for a few hundred dollars. While the toothbrush and charger can last several years, the brush head still needs to be replaced every few months. While this cost varies by brand and model, you can usually save money by buying in bulk.

Are You Impatient? Do You Have Mobility Issues?

If you dread brushing your teeth, have difficulty handling a manual toothbrush, or know you don’t brush for the recommended two minutes, it is likely worth investing in an electric toothbrush. Its spinning bristles take over much of the “work” of brushing, which can make for an easier and more enjoyable brushing experience. Additionally, a good electric toothbrush will have a timer that signals when to switch mouth quadrants while brushing. This keeps you on track and encourages brushing for a full two minutes.

Don’t mind the tried-and-true method of using a manual toothbrush? That’s perfectly OK if you’re using it correctly to brush every tooth surface. Choose one with soft bristles, gently brush each quadrant of your mouth for 30 seconds, and avoid brushing vigorously or in a sawlike motion.

Which Will Make It Easier to Maintain Your Daily Oral Hygiene?

At the end of the day, we recommend choosing the product that you’re most comfortable using–which means that you’ll actually use it! After all, a toothbrush is a tool that will only benefit your oral health if it is properly used twice every day for its intended purpose. Also, be sure to floss every day and keep up with your routine dental cleanings and checkups.

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