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How to Fight Sugar Cravings

Closeup of a silver spoon in a bowl of white sugar, which increases your risk of cavities and gum disease

Are you worried about your oral health? Cutting back on added sugar can lower your risk for cavities and gum disease! Depending on how much sugar is in your diet right now, this lifestyle change can be a challenge. Here are some ideas on how to fight sugar cravings:

  1. Chew Sugar-Free Gum
  2. If you’re craving sugar, try chewing a piece of sugar-free gum. Research shows that gum chewing reduces food cravings, including cravings for sweets. Gum chewing also increases your saliva production and strengthens your jaw muscles. However, be sure your gum is sugar-free and that you don’t currently suffer from jaw pain. Sugary gum will increase your risk of tooth decay, while any gum chewing can aggravate temporomandibular joint issues.

  3. Eat Fruit to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
  4. While fruit naturally has sugar, it’s a better choice than candy, chocolate, or other refined sugar snacks. That’s because fruit has nutrients like fiber, antioxidants, and healthful vitamins. Fruits like apples have even been shown to benefit oral health!

  5. Don’t Regularly Skip Meals
  6. If you don’t get enough to eat, your blood sugar drops. You might experience more frequent and intense food cravings, including sugar cravings. When cutting back on sugar, make sure you’re regularly eating small, balanced meals that contain a high proportion of vegetables and lean protein.

  7. Stay Hydrated with Water
  8. Many people don’t drink enough water and mistake thirst for food cravings. If you’re feeling the urge for something sweet, drink a glass of water first. Additionally, keep water with you throughout the day. Drink water whenever possible instead of soda (even sugar-free), fruit juice, coffee, tea, and alcohol. If you find water too boring, try adding flavorings that are free of sugar and citric acid.

  9. Consider Invisalign®
  10. Invisalign clear aligners are worn 20-22 hours a day to gradually straighten your teeth. To eat or drink anything other than water, you’ll need to remove your aligners, clean them, and brush your teeth before putting your trays back in. If you want to correct mild to moderate misalignment anyway, the extra oral hygiene steps associated with non-essential eating can also curb your desire to graze and eat treats throughout the day while wearing your aligners.

South Texas Smiles Encourages Overall Body Wellness

Diet is just one lifestyle factor that affects many aspects of your body wellness! By reducing your dietary sugar, you can lower your risk for cavities and gum disease, as well as systemic health conditions like diabetes and obesity. Taking care of your teeth at home and visiting us for routine cleanings will also help protect your oral health and overall health.

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